50 Women Book Two: Launch of Siobhan’s OneMama Story


It’s official: my story is now published, shared, and on-the-shelf in bookstores across the country! Rockstar writer and dear friend, Jessica Buchleitner, included my story in an anthology of 50 women’s stories of overcoming adversity from all over the world. My story is featured in the second anthology by The 50 Women Project, 50 Women: Book Two. I attended the recent book reading event at Books Inc in Berkeley with mixed emotions. I’m very open about most of my life… but there are also areas of my personal life I avoid sharing, which are tied to a dark past.

Making this story public has been a journey. There’s something about actually writing a memory–maybe one you’d rather forget–that makes those moment more concrete, more real. While this process has been emotional and difficult, it has also given me time to reconcile with that past and appreciate all my joy in the present.

Thanks to Jessica and my fellow contributors for also having the courage to share their stories!


Reading my story from 50 Women: Book Two with the support of author and friend, Jessica.


Jessica Buchleitner’s 50 Women anthologies, including my story about OneMama.org, are now in bookstores across the country!

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