A Week at the UN with OneMama.org



Touchdown! Siobhan Neilland, founder of OneMama.org, arrives in New York City for the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations headquarters! So excited to be one of 9,000 game changers ready to fight for global change!



Peacekeeping exhibit at the United Nations reminding us that we can all take steps in our own lives to make a difference. Taking action in our own small way ripples to affect change—even across the globe. How can we make socially conscious decisions in our daily lives to positively affect this world?



Badge time! Getting official United Nations CSW59 badges before Siobhan and OneMama.org’s first appearance at the United Nations. We’re ready to give our OneMama community in Uganda a voice on a global stage!



Here we are! Siobhan’s playful way of bringing OneMama’s voice and issues to the United Nations CSW59 Opening Ceremony… with her OneMama doll! “Fighting for joy is peace in action,” with this OneMama doll saving the lives of 22 mothers and babies with each purchase.



Siobhan spending time with a fellow Action Hero, Jessica Buchleitner! Jessica is an author, activist, and longtime OneMama.org supporter who advocated for OneMama.org’s presence at the United Nations. In short? This woman ROCKS.



The United Nations hears OneMama.org’s voice! Siobhan speaking on a panel on the innovative approach nonprofits are taking to creating positive, global, social change in the world. As a nonprofit founder with experience on the ground in communities, Siobhan provided insight into the community perspectives behind policy. “I don’t want to wait to create social change… and neither should you.”



“One of many United Nations highlights was meeting other incredible women who are also fighting for positive change in this world!” Here’s Siobhan standing with three such women, all of which are UN Women delegates from the Women’s Intercultural Network.



Although she may be a little camera shy… Janelle Ryan is a videographer extraordinaire! She is filming the new OneMama documentary, covering Siobhan’s latest trips to New York Fashion Week and now the United Nations!



Ending an eye-opening week at UN Women with an event honoring Bella Abzug. Siobhan spent an evening with Bella’s daughter, friends, and all those who have been inspired by her fierce conviction for justice. “Women have been trained to speak softly and carry lipstick. Those days are over.” Siobhan commented, “I was honored to be in a room filled with women who have been on the frontlines of changing I got to stand next to this woman and continue the march they started for equality and freedoms.”



Thank you to Marilyn Fowler for bringing OneMama as a global partner with the Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN). “I am so inspired and in awe of everything Marilyn has accomplished with the WIN Organization along side Bella Abzug. They were two foundational voices in women’s advocacy. Excited to learn from the best!



Sending love and light to all those who have supported us, followed us, and joined us in our journey to the United Nations! Stay tuned for Siobhan’s full UN Women report and documentary.


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