MISSION: Bringing Benefits of Ultrasound Technology to OneMama’s Rural Health Clinic

Nurturing Unborn Babies and Maternal Health by Bringing Sonogram to Ugandan Health Clinic

In our journey to bring change for better maternal and neonatal health in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, we’re fueled by the transformative potential of cutting-edge technology. Imagine a future where every expectant mother receives comprehensive care, armed with knowledge and tools that safeguard both their health and that of their unborn children. Today, we invite you to be a part of this life-saving mission as we endeavor to introduce ultrasound technology to OneMama’s humble health and birthing clinic.

Doctor's Hand Moving Ultrasound On Pregnant Woman's Belly

The Need for Change

Numerous studies and real-world examples from similar initiatives across Sub-Saharan Africa underscore the urgency of our cause. Infant mortality rates in Uganda are staggering with approximately 40 deaths per 1,000 live births each year (source: United Nations – World Population Prospects). In a 2021 study, Uganda had a stillbirth rate of approx. 18 per 1,000 deliveries, which is among the highest rates in the world. And mothers during childbirth also have an alarming death rate, according to the Uganda Health and Demographic Survey, maternal mortality was approx. 340 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2016. These staggering statistics emphasize the critical gaps in access to timely healthcare and preventative tools for expectant mothers.

OneMama can LOWER these statistics in our community with access to a portable sonogram/ultrasound machine and trained staff to offer a variety of diagnostic services during pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy that are otherwise hidden and unknown until it’s too late.

Empowering Midwives and Healthcare Providers

Our vision is to offer, through support of our donors, a handheld ultrasound machine and training services to the OneMama Health Clinic in 2024. Bringing this vital technology into our birthing clinic will not only equip healthcare providers but empowered midwives with the ability to detect and diagnose potential complications during antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care. We plan to cooperate with local initiatives to give hands-on training to OneMama’s midwives and nurses on use of the device, understanding basic principles of ultrasound technology, image acquisition, interpretation, reporting, and scanning needed to bring this life-saving resource to it’s thousands of mothers and babies each year.

Continued Support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal

The introduction of ultrasound technology isn’t merely about modernizing healthcare; it’s a direct step toward supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Studies have shown that availing ultrasound machines and capacitating mid-level providers significantly enhanced the identification and management of high-risk pregnant women, aligning with the global ambition of zero maternal and neonatal deaths by 2030. OneMama strives to work towards these common international goals – and bringing an ultrasound machine to it’s Health Center works towards goals #3, #9, and #11. Read more about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals here.

Sustainable Development Goals - OneMama NGO

Success Stories and Impact

Similar rural settings and health centers, upon embracing ultrasound technology and providing necessary training, witnessed remarkable progress. Not only were high-risk pregnancies identified and managed timely, but the acquired data also paved the way for improved healthcare strategies tailored to specific community needs. Ultrasound training, proven feasible and efficient, not only improved delivery outcomes but also empowered local healthcare workers to screen prenatal populations effectively.

Your Role in Transforming Lives

Bringing ultrasound technology to the OneMama Health Center is a catalyst for change. Your donations will not only fund the costs involved to bring this technology to the clinic but also support the crucial training of our midwives and nurses. Together, we’ll help others bridge the gap in accessing essential healthcare, ensuring safer pregnancies, healthier births, and a brighter future for all … as we are all OneMama on this Mother Earth.

Join us in this life-saving mission. Your contribution matters more than ever.


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