Celebrating the Outpouring of LOVE in my life!


I’m waking up smiling and my heart is feeling full, happy, and bursting with rays of JOY!

I want to take a moment just to really savor, reflect, thank, acknowledge, and just BE with what true miracles are happing in my life right now…and mostly that I can feel them happening in my soul.

Many times I know miracles are all around me and yet I can still NOT FEEL these magical moments and gifts for what they are!

This week I was interviewed for a few things on a radio show and related to upcoming TV appearances. One of the questions this week was “We see all the activities, big events, and major things going on for you and OneMama. What are you most proud of for you and OneMama or are you most excited about?” I paused for a moment and my answer even surprised me. “While I’m so excited about all that we have been gifted with as far as media and giving women and the OneMama community a voice for over 8 years…I’m most excited and truly feel like is the most amazing part of it all is that I personally have so MUCH true LOVE in my life daily–infused into every part of it!”

That is now at my core and I have so many amazing souls who truly care about ME in my soul–not what I DO, but love me for me and show me through their actions and let me show them! This fuels me. This inspires me. This is everything and without it, I could not have the impact as the leader of OneMama.org!

Why this is such a miracle is because I didn’t come into this world with that kind of love or support! I was not held or touched or told I was lovable by those around me. The attention I did get was abusive and damaging! Then when I was in school I was so different from the other kids that I was bullied and beat up all the time and never felt like I had friends .

Mostly I felt UNLOVABLE–all the time!

To fast forward to my life now that is so full of amazing, loving, and true soul friends around the world who would do anything for me and I for them. It is a miracle. Now I get to take the juice of that love permeating my life and reach my hand out to others to empower them to have the same in all ares of their lives!

And now I do feel lovable and want to show those around me they are too!

My life still has lots of stuff that is so hard and painful in my body and my heart, but for some reason all this love I now let in my life heals so much that it doesn’t even seem to phase me as much.

I now have the courage to keep joy as my fuel in each moment. It inspires me to make sure I always give more joy and love so I get more than I could ever imagine back to me!

I get to be a VOICE for JOY for myself and others!

So over the last few months, life has been extra magical and healing. I want to thank all of you sooooo much for being on this path with me and loving me through it all. I would not BE here with out you and all of this magic!

Here are a few pictures of the sweet gifts that have blessed me by amazing friends loving on me! The list of incredible people is far too long… but to all of you…you know who you are. I love and adore you.

Swimming in true love and flames of light,

Siobhan OneMama Neilland

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