First OneMama Fashion and Beauty Truck Pop-Up Event: November 11th



A project in-the-works for months now, is ready to make its big debut! For a while I’ve wanted a way to create a unique, personalized shopping experience that allows people to connect with what we do at while shopping our ever-expanding collections. A few months ago, I came across the perfect opportunity—and in this case the perfect vehicle—to make it happen!

With a little imagination, creativity, and a whole lot of OneMama LOVE the OneMama Fashion and Beauty Truck was born. The space showcases products from the OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Products, two brands whose proceeds fund our operations on-the-ground in Uganda.

The OneMama Collection, the fashion and accessories line handmade in Uganda by beneficiaries who receive family planning, vocational training, and maternal health services by participating in our programs. Each OneMama dress, handbag, and skirt tells a story, and 100% of each purchase goes towards saving lives.

The truck also features the complete ShaBoom Products all-natural cosmetics, skincare, and shaving lines. We will be doing full ShaBoom and OneMama makeovers!

Our first pop-up event will be held at Di Pietro Todd Salon in Mill Valley, November 11th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Come by and check out our new ride, and celebrate how fashions on wheels are saving lives!


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