How OneMama fits in to these struggling times in America

How does OneMama fit in to all that is going on right now?

For Peace, Justice, Equality, Love, & JOY!

I have no words right now that can truly meet this moment with the justice and comfort it deserves. With all the apocalyptic storms at once, and there are many — the pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, lighting storms, flooding, tornadoes, economic destruction, fatal racial injustices, and a toxic political environment — humanity has been made to thrive on vitriol.

This is why WE MUST fight to stand for JOY in ourselves and for the JOY in OTHERS.


… leaving no one behind!

A lot of you may question, ‘How does OneMama fit into all this?’

I struggle sometimes to put in words how this all comes together. Basically, knowing that our actions, the words we use, the way we treat others, the choices we make daily — these all have an immense impact on people and places everywhere. Everything we say and do has a ripple effect in the world, including our little village in Uganda.

The whole idea of “OneMama” is that each of us are mothers… mothers to our planet and mothers to each other. This is the same idea that just a small act of kindness goes a long way. While I’m speaking from the U.S. and referencing what we are experiencing here, we must remember that what impacts us here, impacts the entire world — we are one large community, and we all need to treat people like they matter. This is why I continue to do the work I do and to help spread this so important message of peace and community, worldwide.

I ask you to please join me in this mission of change, to fight for your joy so in turn we fight for the joy of others, and by remembering to treat all beings and our planet like they matter.

Personally, I am dedicated to my intentional and internal prayers. Prayers of action!

Prayers of action for my feet to walk me through this transformation from a rotten foundation to building anew. A new way of living and being in partnership with all beings. Letting go of this race that is killing needlessly and with such insatiable greed! We all are a part of it; we must recognize this and adjust our ways to BE active members of this CHANGE. This is the most important change we will have the chance to be a part of in our lifetime!

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

~James Baldwin

Daily I am praying for a vision of creating real action and acting it out.
I want to not just leave empty words and forgotten ideas.

I pray…

  • to bring conscious change into action in my daily life.
  • for the organizations like to be leaders by the way of conscious change and to continue to challenge us all to do better and be better daily.
  • that my impact on the Earth lessens its footprint so I can help Mama Earth heal her climate.
  • that the voice of the OneMama village and community at the United Nations can give weight of the plight of the black people in our village and around the globe.
  • for the racial and gender justice work I do at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be challenging direct change and moving the needle of access by creating leadership around the world with a diverse, powerful voice.

I vow to practice these prayers for this vision of a new way to lead in this new path to a new world…
…a world with true soul connections with every soul, with full equanimity.

Where everyone feels like they are LOVED and they MATTER, including Mother Earth.

Please view the resources we have provided and latest news on OneMama in our newsletter (including latest update on the impact of the pandemic).

PLEASE TAKE ACTION and SHARE with our communities to continue to educate and support each other!

With all my Love and Light,

Siobhan “OneMama” Neilland
Founder of and “Fighting for Your Joy” | [email protected]

JOY=SUCCESS — Start Fighting for your JOY and the JOY of others!

“We are all OneMama Living on this One Mother Earth!…”
“We all want to feel like we are loved and we matter in this world”


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