In Honor of Beloved Friend, Cecile Williams


I’m so going to miss my dear friend, Cecile.

Today, I want to honor Cecil Williams, a monumental civil rights figure whose mentorship and profound soulful guidance irrevocably changed my life and the spirit of San Francisco. I am immensely grateful for his wisdom and personal encouragement while I was in the Glide Ensemble, which drove me to found the International Health Center. He taught me to embrace the call to “DO The Work” needed to serve and empower others to thrive.

Cecil was more than a mentor; he was a cheerleader for everyone in this city, creating a home at Glide filled with love for all, regardless of their background. His groundbreaking work in civil rights and his transformative leadership revolutionized community support and touched my spirit deeply, urging me to connect and uplift alongside my neighbors.

The past few days have been tearful for me, but I find joy in knowing Cecil and his beloved Janice are now dancing together to the eternal tunes of the Glide Ensemble. His legacy will forever inspire us to hold hands and do the work together.

Thank you, Cecil, for showing us the power of unity and compassionate leadership.

I love you, and I miss you already,
Siobhan “OneMama” Neilland


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