LIFE Can Come and GO in a Minute!


LIFE… It can change …and come and GO in a minute!

This morning after a morning ocean swim with my Swim Pod, the always keen Laura noticed something in the water. Thankful for her and her awareness as I reflect today!

We thought it was a seal but it turned out it was a man we thought was swimming… but something seemed wrong…

So fellow swimmer and lifeguard, Matthew, put his swim clothes on again and ran in water to see if the man needed help. It turned out he was drowning and unconscious.

We all ran to assist after we dragged him out of water. I called 911… Swim Daddy Jim Rogers did CPR for 20 min, until the rescue team arrived. Matthew stayed on point until he got a pulse.

We have no idea why this fully clothed man was lying there lifeless on our beach, unable to breathe… but here he was…and then on the way to hospital fighting for his LIFE!

Life and breath can come and go in an instant!

I send thankful and heartfelt LOVE to all the hands that tried to give breath back to this man!

I send light and healing love that this man finds his way to being full of life!

Let’s all take a moment and breath together. It is truly a gift that we aren’t guaranteed to have again.

Healing prayers,

Siobhan OneMama Neilland

Article published by ABC News here.


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