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We are never shown how to navigate through this world. We can only do the best we can, seeking the next right step in our journey while surrendering to the fact that we cannot control the way life unfolds. When circumstances test us, we are presented with a choice: how will we respond in the face of adversity? The last two weeks have been some of the most challenging moments of my life. These weeks have tested my character as a leader and as a human being. Circumstances here have brought me to tears and to my knees with this whole process. It has been more challenging than I could ever have imagined.

I read on social media that a local OneMama Uganda Director, sharing by his own admission on Facebook, had been to jail for domestic violence against his wife. He claimed he was not guilty in the post, but then confessed in person a few days later. Within 48 hours I had spoken to his wife and every member involved in these allegations. I also spoke with authorities, specialists in the field, our OneMama staff, and community members to get their versions of the story. I also sought an understanding of how this could have been happening without me ever knowing?

We had an emergency meeting with all OneMama team members, including the person accused and the victim of the abuse. In this meeting it was confirmed by the offender that the allegations were true and the victim got to tell her truth. We then began getting things in place for her protection and safety moving forward.

We are getting the victim the treatment, counseling, and support she needs, directed by an NGO that focuses on domestic violence. We asked that the offender step down from his role at due to these charges and his self-admission of the abuse. We are also setting up programs to help him get the mental health treatment that he needs so he does not take his own life or anyone else’s.

Actions Taken

  • We have suspended or removed anyone from OneMama teams that has any accusations of violence.
  • We have now involved two domestic violence NGOs to train all staff, team members, partners, and community members.
  • We will have domestic violence referrals to support women or men who are in these conditions.
  • We will have ongoing trainings internally and externally to shift the way people behave on this issue.
  • We will have more intensive background checks on any one working as a team member or partner of the OneMama Clinic and

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