OneMama Guest Artist, Rose Harden


On Tuesday, The OneMama Collection’s Spring 2016 line hit the runway at New York Fashion Week with Guest Artist, Rose Harden of Rosehip Designs. Rose was incredible to work with, dedicated to shaping a collection that expressed the heart of the OneMama message: saving lives in communities surviving on under $1.25 a day and having babies in those conditions. Rose used her creative process to assist OneMama in creating magical designs and an unforgettable experience at New York Fashion Week. “We cannot thank Rose enough for putting her heart and soul into these designs. This collection is stunning, absolutely breathtaking” said Siobhan Neilland, Founder. With her background in costume design for dance companies in San Francisco, Rose brought her expertise to blend comfort, movement, and color, with the heart and soul of OneMama. What a collaboration… and for a beautiful cause!

Untitled design (4)

The OneMama Collection designs fund nonprofit,, with 100% of proceeds going towards the OneMama Clinic in rural Uganda. Shop our OneMama Spring 2016 Collection here! For more on Rose Harden and Rosehip Designs.

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