OneMama is Excited to Announce NEW Funding Project: Donation PickUps!

Donation PickUps presented by

During the span of OneMama’s existence we have prided ourselves in our unique approach to funding and sustaining the OneMama Clinic in Uganda and the U.S. based operations.

Our approach has given us the opportunity to not only rely on direct donations but also get our supporters actively and practically involved in the work we do. It has not always been easy but we are always thrilled to creatively see new projects unfold in new directions.

Introducing Donation PickUps!!

Donation PickUps is the brainchild of OneMama’s founder and CEO Siobhan Neilland’s husband, Evan. (Evan and Siobhan recently got married in a traditional African ceremony – read all about their magical love story, HERE.)

Donation PickUps is birthed from Evan’s passion to re-purpose things that would naturally go to the dump and instead give it new life – not only helping the environment but also communities in need.

Donation PickUps is a perfect mix between 1-800-GotJunk (we’re cheaper!) and Goodwill. Simply put, we’ll haul off your junk, or we will re-purpose and sell what is usable and give the funds directly back to! How awesome is that? This will be an answer to our desperate need for funds to keep going, it’s tax deductible for our donors, and this will be a direct way you can support OneMama to pay for US and Ugandan operations.

Just as Evan and Siobhan came together in marriage we get to see the merging of both of their passions first hand.

For the time being, Donation PickUps will be catering to the San Francisco Bay area. This will also be an opportunity to support the local Bay Area community, a community that Siobhan and Evan love very much and are always looking for ways to give back to the underprivileged in the area.

Two ways to use Donation PickUps:

Home based/Residential –

We come to family homes and evaluate your donations. The donations will then go into one of two categories – donate or haul. Our preferred category is items that can be re-purposed but we’ll gladly haul items that don’t meet the donation criteria.

Commercial –

We come to local business locations, apartment buildings and gated communities to organize weekly or monthly donation pickups within the community. Simply, we organize a day to pick up items so things don’t remain lying around (Example: dead stock and overstock, furniture, antiques, computers, and all around general household items. See full list on

Show your community you care by having a OneMama Donation Bin at your commercial location! Learn more, HERE.

Our goal is to build relationships to avoid things going straight to the dump – helping the environment and the longevity of  – Siobhan Neilland

It doesn’t stop there… OneMama will planning quarterly events with the fashion truck, opening our doors to foster families and families-in-need to “shop” the collectables from things donated by the community – clothes, shoes, school supplies, things were no longer needed but in great condition! More on this in the coming months!

We are all very excited about this new project. Evans leadership and ideas around this endeavor to support our local community and the future of OneMama has been a tremendous push in the right direction.

In our current financial climate, we are always looking for new ways to bring in money. This is one of the ways we can do that. We would love your support. Get involved, share with friends. It’s tax deductible through OneMama’s 501(c)3 charity organization and gives back to the OneMama families around the world in so many ways.



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