OneMama Says Goodbye to Our Beloved Fashion Truck

Saying Goodbye to OneMama Fashion Truck

It’s time to say goodbye to our traveling pop-up store… the OneMama Fashion Truck.

Several years ago, my dear love said to me, You need a fashion truck. At the time, I was carrying the OneMama Collection around from event to event in my vintage pink car, Betty, and with the help of a few friends. The traveling space showcased the OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Beauty cosmetics, the two brands whose proceeds fund OneMama‘s operations on the ground in Africa. The truck was an efficient and easy way to sell OneMama goods and promote the organization’s activities raising local awareness around women’s global issues. It became synonymous with joy, compassion, and what a lot of grit and persistence can accomplish in creating global change.

Goodbye OneMama Fashion Truck

Each OneMama limited edition dress, handbag, and skirt tells a story, and 100% of each purchase goes towards vital services for the women in Uganda who painstakingly crafted the items. OneMama provides family planning, vocational training, and maternal health services to the health center in Uganda, and we plan to expand our operations and add more clinics. For many years, the OneMama collection has sustained OneMama operation. However, things are changing. As our funding model changes to focus on a locally sustainable plan, we no longer need the truck.

I am so grateful to the San Francisco Bay Area community that has supported OneMama fashion with your purchases, time, donations, and most of all, appreciation and kindness. The truck became more than a way to transport clothes and goods efficiently, it became a piece of the community. A reminder that we all can make a difference. A reminder of our connection to one another.

However, the end of the fashion pop-up truck is also a reason to celebrate. It marks our growth and evolution as an organization as we transform our economic model to one that is more sustainable and scalable over the long-term. So it’s with a little pang but also a big smile that we let go of the truck to usher in the next generation economic model for OneMama as we continue to fight for the joy of all humans on this planet.

Fashion Sale – Blow out!

All items are now 40-50% off! Check out our online Shop to see what’s still available and at incredible prices!

Also, we will have a few more events this summer to sell all the limited edition items that remain in the truck to raise funds for the health center. If you have a private event that you would like to have the truck attend before it’s sold, please let us know. We will still be selling the OneMama Collection online but no longer via the pop-up truck. We also look for new creative ways to customize our collection so stay tuned for future OneMama products.


If you’re interested in buying the truck, please contact us directly at [email protected]. We hope the truck will be able to find another worthy organization that can use it to raise money and awareness around an important social cause.   Together we can make an impact.


Details – Grumman Food Truck / Fashion Truck
8 cylinder, automatic, 5.7L engine
Chevrolet P32 commercial van
22 ft long, beautiful inside and out
74 in interior height
Roll up back with stairs
Passenger seat
Hardwood floors, closets, dressing room, shelves on the interior
Runs great!



  1. Valerie Holliday

    Are you saying you still have Betty!!!??????

    Yes i still have Betty .. she is the best family and always have been..

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