Real Update: Standing Rock, Trump, Hilary, and Black Lives Matter All Calling For Change


The last 6 months have been overwhelming with what has been happening in our world!

There have been so many moments I have wanted to share my heartache on how people have been treating each other when it comes to RACE, GENDER, POLITICS, atrocities against Mother Nature, and VIOLENCE against women and people of color.

My heart feels like it has been breaking over and over. Every time I was ready to stand up and make some kind of video about my STAND on these issues and how we can stand in SOLUTION and behind those that are on the front lines… it seemed I was called to take action behind the scenes and not be as public about the work we have been doing here at OneMama and for me personally.

Today is a very powerful day that will impact the world, not just our nation, with our choices. Tomorrow is my birthday, and it always makes me reflective and think about the years to come.

I was thinking that LIFE really is beautiful even in the midst of DARKNESS.
The good that is coming out of so many things happening in the world right now IS PAIN.
It makes humans FEEL again — to take ACTION and find solutions!

There is a lot of PAIN right now… but here is the BEAUTY of it all.

Standing Rock – The unacceptable actions taken against native American tribes and our water supplies are bringing 200 tribes together to be more united and remind them that they are stronger then they had realized.

Trump – He has brought out of the world the denial that we are in around race, gender, and fear. The good side of this is people are now talking about issues that no one dared look at or discuss previously. To me, personally, he brought up that RAPE culture is so everyday that we cannot even see it as that when a man is easily excused for blatantly admitting that he sexually assaults women. The good news is Women and Men are asking questions like “Do we want this to be how we move forward as a people?”

Hilary – The first woman to be this close to being president of the USA brings up so many unconscious outdated issues in both women and men around what a WOMAN is supposed to be like and act like. The way that this makes everyone so uncomfortable and evoke such visceral responses to the mere name of Hilary, reveals that it may actually not be about her directly, but rather that a woman is now breaking ground that feels awkward. I am not discussing her actual political record here just the actual fact that she is a woman and what that evokes in the masses.

Race – The numbers of people killed that are of darker skin seems to be out of control. However, this may not be on the increase but just now that we are all seeing more of it with the world watching it on social media and it being so in our face that as a country we still have much to heal in our race biases and issues. The good part is now Black Lives Matter is gaining momentum and solidarity not only with blacks but with the overall world.

For EVERY one of these ISSUES that seems unthinkable in OUR WORLD right NOW,
there are communities RISING UP to HEAL, LOVE, FIND A SOLUTION, and FIND A NEW WAY.


This give me HOPE and LOVE in my heart that we can create change on these UNCONSCIOUS BIASES that EVERYONE is a part of shifting. We have to ALL realize that each of us hold a key to creating this change and have to take responsibility for our part and how we are going to take action TODAY!

I have been looking at any unconscious biases that may be impacting my actions. I have been making sure that and my team are at the forefront of changing these in our programs in and the voice we are crafting at the United Nations.

I have hope that when things FALL APART, that is when we humans tend to realize we need to fix things and make them better.

Here’s to 2016 being a year that everything came apart at the seams and here is to 2017 being a year that we as individuals and as communities come together to build something we want to believe in on all these fronts.

Sending Love and Light,
Siobhan OneMama Neilland



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