Real Update: Upholding Integrity, Even When Others Can’t


This week has been an intense one. It’s always easy to stay positive when things seem like they are diving down. I got this text today from one of the amazing angels who works for me on all the OneMama funding programs. It read,

“Siobhan – Really proud of the way you handled yesterday with fearlessness, integrity, and courage. Everything’s unfolding as it’s meant to be–maybe not in the ways we’d like it to be–so hang in there! I feel honored to work with someone who lives in the authentic way you do. Love you to the moon and back!!! MUAH!”

These words made my day! I am so grateful to be blessed with a team of OPEN HEARTED ACTION HEROs that are moving us to change, even amidst the unimaginable, daily obstacles.

Yesterday, I was in a meeting with my all-women international team and we were confronted with a work dilemma that impacts so many people in all corners of the world. An external business partner was out of integrity with what they had committed to complete for our organization, costing us time and a lot of money. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this impacts things we have been working on.

In the interaction with this particular partner, the conversation veered into a realm of disrespect–both to me personally and my leadership team, on many fronts. They treated my all-women staff and I as though we were beneath them in how we negotiated the details of bringing this partnership to an end. I believe if I was of a different gender, I would not have been treated the way I was. I believe I would have received the formal contract I repeatedly asked for to lay out everything in writing in a clean and organized manner, instead of the assumptions made verbally. I have worked for the top companies in the world and I expect a certain level of service in negotiations… and sometimes others really just can’t live up to that standard.

I am a fiery Scorpio, so in this meeting my fire spirit wanted to react and lash out. However, instead of this  knee-jerk reaction, I stopped the meeting and took a break and breath! I then moved forward with asking for what we needed to end things in a legal and positive way. I stayed strong and non- emotional, despite the immense frustration of the situation.

In the moment it all felt messy and hard to believe it was happening. Getting this feedback mirrored from my wonderful, supportive staff really is affirming that what matters are our actions. We will be tested, and oftentimes by others who operate by a different moral code of conduct. However, what matters in these moments is our ability to still act from a place of strength and integrity. In the end, all that really matters that I can look myself in the eye and face my higher-soul intact, knowing I did my best. For me, my best is knowing I acted in the best interest of all the important people and communities I represent; that I am walking with them in mind and heart in everything I do.

Sending love and light! May we all walk with integrity, no matter how hard it may be!

Siobhan OneMama Neilland



  1. Abbey

    You are always an action hero, true and authentic. Never a victim. There is so much you can teach the world. Love and light back at you to take you and OneMama into the correct path to an amazing future!

  2. Shemone

    It is so interesting how so many of us fighting for joy have to deal with the mistreatment of women. You are strong and your intention is for the best interest of women. I’m proud to call you my friend and a woman of integrity. SOHA may you always be blessed

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