Siobhan at Europe’s Largest Tech Event For Women

Europe's Central Meeting Place For The Women In Tech Community

Siobhan Represents Amazon Web Services at this year’s European Women in Technology¬†Conference in Amsterdam June 8-9, 2022.

This event is Europe’s central meeting place for the women in tech community with over 5000 global leaders, disruptors, and decision makers in attendance to celebrate the power of resilience by shining a spotlight on the people, businesses, and technology driving progression in a changing world.

…And Siobhan is honored to be invited as a key speaker at the conference!

Siobhan felt deeply inspired by many of the incredible women pushing the needle of change for women in tech across the world. This event helped her to elevate her career so she can better help women in tech succeed in theirs.

You can, too, JOIN THE MOVEMENT for change as we are all encouraged to:

  1. GAIN INSIGHT – Discover in demand skills, the latest tech insight and trends through dedicated deep-dive sessions, masterclasses and keynotes.
  2. ELEVATE – Learn how to springboard your way back to a better, stronger, more dynamic career path.
  3. CONNECT – Engage with like-minded female professionals, make connections that matter and embrace the value of meeting face-to-face.
  4. BE INSPIRED – The leading voices in tech will be sharing their experiences, challenges and advice to inspire you on your journey.

Techy Women Superstar Friends!

Siobhan was grateful and delighted to meet two specific super heroes in the women in tech world – Kalpana Bagamane and Abby Seneor CTO from Citibeats. Many thanks to these incredible ladies for their inspiration!

Amsterdam is Magical!

Aside from the incredible experience and opportunities at the conference, Siobhan also was able to explore and enjoy a little R & R with her love before travelling home, back to San Francisco, California.


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