Thought of the Day: Success


Thought of the day… SUCCESS!

There is a trend in today’s fast paced world to skip face-to-face intimacy with friends, family, and lovers to get ahead in life. People act as if this will get you to success fast, but it does the exact opposite! We need in person connections because it creates pathways in the brain that energize us, and make us feel more alive. This then allows us to think different and actually do MORE in all areas of our lives.

I have 3 businesses and it would seem like I have less time to be with friends and family. However, I consciously make more time for meditation to have intimate connection with the divine and myself. This is why things always seem to work out and move to SUCCESS in the long run. So go play with your friends, lovers, and family… and when you’re with others, really BE with each other. It leads to SUCCESS!!!

Love ‘n light my soul family,



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