A “Fighting For Joy” Personal Story


As a graphic artist and volunteer for OneMama, I find myself behind the scenes so much, it’s easy to forget what you are doing all of this extra work for…really.

And who am I kidding…how much impact do my graphics have here???…not much…or so I think.

The other day I was ‘slideshowing’ through Siobhan’s 2014 OneMama in Africa photos for the first time to find some content for our e-newsletter we were planning. As I am browsing photos of an inspirational woman in Africa connecting with the community, planning business strategies for the clinic, putting together and hosting community programs where people walk for miles to learn how to be healthier and more self-sustainable, I flip to this photo below.


I looked into this man’s eyes…the child’s eyes…I see the amount of people that came together for this event at the OneMama clinic.

It’s truly amazing how far OneMama Uganda has come over the past years since it started. These people truly want to better themselves, their families, and the future.

The OneMama clinic is a safe place of hope, community, and for all to come together…like OneMama. Oh my gosh…I get it!

After that tearful revolution (which I thought I had experienced many times before, but clearly not like this…), I move now to my next “moment” in this slideshow viewing. The very next photo that displayed is below.

Notice the magnet on the door - a OneMama design by Abbey Jaye.
Notice the magnet on the door – a OneMama design by Abbey Jaye.

My graphic. My art. My design… facing out towards all of this wonderfulness going on at the OneMama clinic. I think to myself in amazement…My design may inspire! My design may give them a sense of hope! On the other side of the world! The tears are flowing. My design may be simple, nothing great to many of you reading, but here it stands — symbolizing all these great things OneMama clinic brings to it’s people.

I know… it’s just a “little” thing – but this little thing brought me SO MUCH JOY!!

Now I remember why I’m doing this…Fighting For Joy!

When you Fight For Joy in your Life, you unknowingly help spread JOY to others. I’m going to continue to do my part, using what brings me JOY, to use my craft to help OneMama save lives and create a better future for so many…spreading endless JOY across the world.


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