Siobhan’s REAL Update


Yesterday and today I woke up feeling sad and grieving about some losses in my life and just a general sense of life feeling intense and my heart hurting from that.

Life is complicated… the day before I woke up and felt more alive and full of JOY then I could imagine a person could feel even with the obstacles before me.

Sometimes our bodies, souls, and hearts just need to have our feelings and BE still with them… I am blessed to have so many blessings and miracles happening in my life right now that I can forget that I also have to honor and acknowledge the emotions of ALL the things in my life and in my heart–no matter how uncomfortable.10923782_10205532876062860_3426793228224666492_o

This is just another reminder that the activities in my life don’t make me happy… it is the choice to savor and find the JOY in every moment no matter how complicated or contradictory.

One of the ways that really helps me through this process is my swimming. Here is what I said to a friend yesterday who asked me on how I get through it all…

“I keep going to mama ocean to pray to wash away the pain and swim and cleanse away the things that haunt me in my mind, body, and in my heart! As I swim I say…Oh Divine Mama Ocean Wash away the grief in my heart with the prayers of swimming life with grace and fill me with the brightest LOVE and LIGHT rays of change ”

I have to say it helped yesterday… if only I could swim today!

Love and Light and dolphin kisses from the heart!

– Siobhan “OneMama-ShaBoom” Neilland


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