Action Hero: Elizabeth Mann


This month we want to honor Action Hero, Elizabeth Mann. If there’s one phrase to encompass Elizabeth, it’s OneMama Rockstar. We first became acquainted with Elizabeth when she interviewed Siobhan for Elizabeth Mann Writes, a collection of Elizabeth’s passions, insights, and inspirations. However, little did we know that this first interview would blossom into a long-standing partnership and friendship. Empowered by the OneMama mission, Elizabeth now volunteers her time with our team, utilizing her storytelling talents to share the work of and Siobhan with the world.

Elizabeth has a heart of gold and works from that place in all she does. A super-mama, Elizabeth is raising two children while working around the 18-hour time difference between San Francisco, USA and Queensland, Australia. Thank you for truly giving your heart to everything you do and fighting for joy with our team. Your enthusiasm continues to brighten up our team each day!

In 2022 Elizabeth stepped up her Action Hero focuses by becoming a OneMama board member! Thank you, Elizabeth for all you do for OneMama.

Read about the story how Elizabeth found OneMama from a Hashtag on Twitter!


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