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With being such a small organization, we face problems with raising enough money to cover our on-the-ground costs in Uganda. On top of that, we still have to maintain all the costs of our stateside operations. However, thanks to the OneMama family, we are lucky to have incredible professionals willing to donate their time to our cause. Last weekend I spent the day with the talented Dave Coble a photographer from New York who made a special trip to San Francisco to donate his time to

The photo shoot featured three locations that are near and dear to my heart; Land’s End, The Legion of Honor, and lastly, my favorite beach. It’s moments like these I’m thankful to be living in one of the most photogenic cities in the world!


That morning we packed Betty, my beloved 1958 Dodge Coronet, to the brim with suitcases of OneMama and ShaBoom Products merchandise and set off! We started off at Land’s End (where I almost fell down a hill while posing in our OneMama tank!), before continuing onto Legion of Honor to meet fellow action hero, Karenina Jahnigen, for some shots in our new Red Carpet Collection dresses. Of course, there was wedding a The Legion of Honor, which meant we only had half an hour to photograph 5 different outfits. I figured we might as well make the most of our time, while having some FUN! That’s exactly what we did—even jumping in the fountain.

Siobhan N (52 of 306)

The last stop on our photo shoot tour was my favorite special place, the beach where I swim. We took product shots of the latest collection items and dodged the incoming tide while racing dwindling light of the approaching sunset… all while modeling for my joy.


Anyone who knows me well can tell you I’m not your typical nonprofit founder. In the process of optimizing the resources we do have, I find myself doing lots of odd jobs, beyond typical “operations.” It can be hard to function as OneMama and ShaBoom’s founder and caretaker, while also being the designer and, on this particular day, the OneMama model. And as you may also know, it’s hard for me to stay serious for too long. To keep myself giggling, I like to ham it up for the camera and be goofy, which makes for some entertaining shots… and more even entertaining wipe-outs. The following video was captured by Media Manager, Lauren, during our first photo shoot with Dave at the beach. We both took falls that day, laughing all the way. Hope it brings a smile to your face!


Stay tuned for photos from this and other shoots by Dave Coble. We’ll be releasing them with our new website!


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