ShaBoom’s Quintessential Travel Makeup Kit That’s Got You Covered


It’s finally arrived: the perfect all-natural makeup kit for women on-the-go. I came up with the idea for the travel kit from my own fast-paced lifestyle. A typical action-packed day usually starts with a swim in the SF Bay before working as a Senior Staffing Consultant for some of the top companies in the world. Amidst the madness of a “normal” working day, I also manage the operations of my nonprofit, and mineral based makeup company, ShaBoom Products. Finally, I spend the evening out on the dance floor, dancing for JOY. The great thing about owning your own makeup company is the ability to create solutions, like this travel kit, for the problems so many women and I face: looking and feeling beautiful amidst our busy lifestyles with a makeup kit that transitions flawlessly from day to night. Out of this desire, the Every Woman Travel Kit was born.


The travel kit includes your choice of a mineral foundation base, bronzer, eye shadow, waterproof mascara, felt tip eyeliner pen, and nourishing jojoba lip-gloss. All products are Paraben-free, with blends of natural vitamins, minerals, and SPF to protect your skin from the elements.

What is it about our products that will give your skin that extra special glow? ShaBoom Products is a partner company of maternal health nonprofit, In founding ShaBoom, I wanted people to create products that fund development programs in impoverished communities while empowering the purchaser with the knowledge that their makeup is literally saving lives. Through programs, every $4 of ShaBoom proceeds saves the lives of a mother and baby.



Choose from our traditional SPF mineral foundation pot or travel-friendly SPF mineral foundation wand with built-in brush applicator for easy application on-the-go. This versatile foundation can be applied lightly or layered for heavy coverage.


Choose from our traditional Sunburst Bronzer or mineral Bronzer Wand with built-in brush applicator. Contour and give your skin a bronzed touch of sunshine with our best-selling color that compliments all skin tones.

Gilded Eye Shadow

This revolutionary mineral shadow blend works with every skin tone, and includes a hint of eye-popping shimmer.

Waterproof Mascara

Transition flawlessly from swimming in the ocean to the office with intensified eyes. Our unique formula utilizes all-natural additives that nourish lashes while amplifying length.

Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

Utilize this game-changing product to create everything from thin lines to dramatic wings with this felt tip eyeliner.

Jojoba Lip Slicks

Keep lips full and healthy with this nourishing gloss packed with Jojoba, vitamins, and natural oils.

Get yours today and save lives with! To purchase, visit HERE.


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