Action Hero: Jessica Buchleitner


What is an Action Hero? Someone who fights for their own joy and the joy of others.

Jessica Buchleitner wholeheartedly embodies what it means to be an Action Hero. As a Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN) Board Member, Journalist, author, and in her personal life, Jessica fights for the joy of women across the world.

I had the privilege of co-hosting a parallel event with Jessica at the United Nations CSW 60 through CSW 65, discussing Global Funding Solutions from Social Entrepreneurs. Jessica shared the compelling story of how she, like the women in her books, overcame the odds to achieve success. In her case, “success” was giving a voice to women across the world through the publication of her her best-selling series 50 Women. These books tell the compelling stories of¬†women from 30 countries, all overcoming adversity. I was honored to be included in 50 Women: Book Two.

If only words could describe just how strong, inspiring, and brilliant this woman is. Jessica is absolutely UNSTOPPABLE. Thank you for all you do to give women a voice across the globe!!!


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