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The United Nations’ 60th Commission on the Status of Women marked a milestone accomplishment for This is the second year maternal health nonprofit,, has attended the United Nations CSW, and the first year the organization hosted its own event, Global Funding Solutions for Social Entrepreneurs. OneMama founder, Siobhan Neilland, and 50 Women Project founder, Jessica Buchleitner, brought together women from all over the world who despite numerous challenges, are transmuting their traumas into positive social change–and doing so through creative funding solutions.

Siobhan Neilland shared the personal tragedy that gave birth to She also shared the “OneMama ecosystem,” which consists of The OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Products, two product lines Siobhan founded to fund maternal health programs in rural Ugandan communities surviving on under $1.25 a day.


Jessica Buchleitner, co-host and founder of The 50 Women Project.
Siobhan discusses how ShaBoom Products and the OneMama Collection fund
… and let the OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Products UN fashion show begin!
Fashion does have the power to create global social change, while looking fabulous!
The 50 Women Project anthologies. 50 Women Book Two includes Siobhan’s personal story.
OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Products goodies galore.
Brittany Kennedy, Love Tucker, and Nekaybaw Luvv in OneMama Couture
Saving lives in new OneMama Collection pieces. Does your outfit save lives?
Love Tucker stunning in our new OneMama Necklace and ShaBoom Products Red Carpet Kit.
This OneMama Couture gown made its debut at New York Fashion Week in September 2015.
Appreciating all those from the OneMama family who came out to show their support!
Glowing after a successful United Nations fashions show!


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