Makeup Saving Lives at the United Nations


Does your makeup save lives? That’s the question prompted by founder, Siobhan Neilland during her nonprofit’s event at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women discussing Global Funding Solutions From Social Entrepreneurs.

ShaBoom at the Grammys Gifting Suites

During this event, Siobhan shared the unique model she developed to fund maternal health programs in Uganda. Unlike traditional nonprofits that rely mainly on donations to implement their projects, is additionally funded by The OneMama Collection, a not-for-profit couture clothing line made in the Ugandan village, as well as all-natural makeup and skincare line, ShaBoom Products.

The creation of this makeup line came about organically, according to Siobhan. She was seeking additional revenue streams for, and found it near impossible to purchase all-natural, paraben-free, cosmetics. Her solution? Create a company that does both: “I wanted people to look and feel beautiful, both inside and out by supporting a great cause. How many people can say their makeup is literally saving lives?” Siobhan ensures 20% to 40% of proceeds from ShaBoom Products sales go directly to fund on-the-ground maternal health programs–a statistic most “ethical” brands would find inconceivable.

Brittany Kennedy in ShaBoom’s World of Color Kit

What many ethical shoppers do not know about cosmetics brands that advertise they support a charity, is that minuscule percentage of proceeds–usually less than 5%–actually reaches the “supported” organization. “I’m trying to create change and accountability among businesses who advertise they are doing good in the world,” said Siobhan, “I want my businesses to first and foremost operate from a place of joy.” This unconventional approach to “joy-based” business is Siobhan’s mantra, fueling her creative and unconventional approach to funding

In addition to capturing the attention of audiences at the United Nations, ShaBoom Products has also appeared at The Oscars, The Grammy’s Gifting Suites, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. The UN event culminated in a fashion show, with New York Fashion Week models Love Tucker, Brittany Kennedy, and Nekaybaw Luvv showcasing couture dresses from the OneMama Collection and wearing ShaBoom Products makeup. “We’re sharing with the United Nations community how a small organization like us can make a global impact while empowering people to harness their purchasing power.”

So whether it’s clothing, makeup, or another product you purchase today, how can you continue the OneMama legacy of making a life-saving statement with each dollar you spend?


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