Attend CSW67 at the United Nations Headquarters as a OneMama Delegate!

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It’s that incredible time of year again for the CSW67! OneMama offers YOU the opportunity to be a part of the world’s LARGEST gathering of powerful women on the forefront of global social and economical change!

Since being awarded Consultative ECOSOC status with the United Nations, OneMama has a powerful advantage to select delegates to join OneMama at the CSW forum from the UN in New York City, March 06-17, 2023. And we’d like to offer you that opportunity to be a part of this exciting event with us!

NGO CSW Forum 67

At this year’s sixty-seventh session of the Commission on the Status of Women, the theme is at the heart of OneMama’s cause!

This year’s theme is regarding innovation and technological changes and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

As an NGO, OneMama is offered 16 delegation spots, and we are looking to IMMEDIATELY fill those spots, adding to our already existing incredible group of women, and we want to open up the opportunity to YOU to join the OneMama family on such a meaningful mission. Being a UN delegate with OneMama is an inspiring, unique experience, and we want to fill these remaining slots with passionate people who align with the OneMama vision.

As a OneMama UN Delegate, you have the incredible opportunity to be an active part to bring forward change for women and girls on all fronts of society. You will get to attend the UN CSW forum LIVE at the United Nations headquarters or from the comfort of your own space virtuallywhich ever you prefer.

As you attend the events of the CSW67 this year, we only ask that as a delegate of OneMama that you help spread the word of OneMama’s mission and efforts where you see fit. As a small grassroots organization, it takes a village (literally) to keep running and saving lives. Sometimes just one person connecting with the work we do at OneMama can make an incredible difference to the organization and our efforts.

Aside from being there for OneMama, you will also be able to attend any of the other of hundreds of CSW67 parallel and side events where you can gain insight, share your visions and voice, and become current on all areas of the CSW from a variety of NGOs across the globe!

NGO CSW Forum and UN CSW events

We are looking for people who are:

  • Passionate and excited about moving the needle for change for unrepresented rural communities of women leaders both internationally and nationally.
  • Moved by the specific work OneMama does to support global change for social equality and economic sustainability.
  • Inspired to change policy and address key issues in this field through the United Nations platform.

If you have a passion for these issues and learning how to be more involved and to attend the CSW with OneMama this year, please APPLY TO BE A ONEMAMA UN DELEGATE HERE.

Important requirements needed to attend CSW as a OneMama delegate in 2023:

Once selected as a delegate, you will be required to:

  • Pay administration and setup fee of $125 one-time fee.
  • Work with the OneMama team to complete your online registration process for the NGO CSW67 Forum by January 27th, 2023 (more details provided once you apply and are approved by OneMama as a delegate).
  • Attend the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) either virtually or in person held March 6-17th, 2023. Note that you must pay your own accommodations and airfare when attending in person.
  • Share the mission of OneMama at the event and in social gatherings or networking during and surrounding the event. Attending CSW as a OneMama delegate means you are acting on behalf of our organization, so you must keep this in mind as you are participating in good honor on behalf of the women and children that OneMama support and represent.

Deadline to Be Registered to Attend as a Delegate is January 27th, 2023, so Sign-up to be a Delegate ASAP!


Apply to be a delegate so you can register for the CSW 67 and attend at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City 2023

If you are passionate about, the empowerment of underrepresented women, girls, and children, and the themes of the CSW67, we look forward to hearing from you and being a part of this change for women’s rights together!

The OneMama Action Alliance Family


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