Donation Pick-Ups Adding Value to Downsizing and Upsizing Businesses in the Bay Area

Donate Office Furniture UpSell

We are excited to announce the building out our Donation Pick-Ups program locally in the San Francisco Bay area. Donation Pick-Ups offers closing/downsizing businesses free pick-ups of tax-deductible office furniture and equipment and in turn re-sells those items to growing Bay area businesses.

We are proud to help the Bay area landfills stay free of office furniture by offering these unique services!

With all the changes that have been happening the past few years–from people working from home and moving back into the offices, to offices downsizing or expanding based on location or resources–
Donation Pick-Ups brings two new opportunities for all types of San Francisco Bay businesses.


For businesses that are downsizing their office space and resources, we encourage you to donate gently used office furniture such as chairs, standing desks, and office phone booths to our partner 501(c)3 non-profit, and we will work with our local delivery partner to pick up your donatable items. This service benefits businesses who can make tax-deductible contributions with little to no effort and overhead and will drive funding for the OneMama birthing and health clinic operations.


For businesses moving their staff and employees back into the office and in need of upcycled office furniture or equipment, we partner with you to get low-priced, cost effective, high quality items to furnish your office spaces.

In some cases, we also have partners who may be able to pay for furniture, so please ask us about those opportunities as well. OneMama would get a donated commission off of those offerings.

Every donation or purchase from this service has the potential to save hundreds of lives! Check out the OneMama program to see how it works.

Email [email protected] for more details, or message us on Facebook.


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