Celebrating 7 Years with MOM DJs


OneMama.org celebrated with the MOM DJ & Events family: 7 years of dancing for joy! Those of you who don’t know what MOM, MOM stands for Motown on Mondays it is a weekly party that started in my San Francisco neighborhood with my friends, supporting OneMama.org through financial support. This weekly party and community has been a major staple in Siobhan fighting for her own personal joy and personal life to continue the work she does with OneMama.org. Dancing has been one of Siobhan’s favorite things. When she is in San Francisco, Siobhan tries to go dancing with the MOM family once a week to recalibrate her joy amidst her community! Dancing with her neighbors and friends, empower her to continue the work of fighting for joy in this world.

Thanks to their collections at MOM events over the years, founders Donovan Gordo Cabeza and Timoteo Gigante have saved over 1000 lives, dancing to save the lives of mamas and babies through OneMama.org. Thank you for being a network of love and support for OneMama.org and Siobhan over the last 7 years. Special thank you to Dirk Wise for capturing the MOM family in your photography! Now… we’re ready to get on the dance floor rand dance for JOY!

For a full album of MOM DJ photos by Dirk Wise visit here!







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