Domestic Violence Reduction Programs Working With Men in Uganda

Male Attendance Key Contributor to Reduction in Domestic Violence

OneMama’s domestic violence reduction programs are seeing more and more men in attendance – and it’s making a difference!

Domestic violence, or Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), is the most common form of violence against women worldwide.  68% of Ugandan women over the age of 15 experience some form of violence from their intimate partner.

58% of Ugandan adult women are physically assaulted by their intimate male partner.

Intimate Partner Violence reduction programs are setting a new trend by focusing on more male involvement. The OneMama Clinic in Uganda, Africa is one of those programs leading the way.

Our programs are about empowering men to make healthier choices.” OneMama founder, Siobhan Neilland says. “Our program trainings are seeing the turn out in the community be 30 – 40% male attendance. From that, we see less and less violence in our community. We teach communication versus violence. And we believe getting the men to these trainings is what is changing our community…

      …The dialogue is no longer one-sided.

OneMama recognizes that seeing men attend these trainings begins a much-needed conversation about tolerance within the community. It’s reported that 77% of Ugandan women believe that beatings are justified. Whether they burn the food or refuse to have sex with their partner, as examples. 77 percent of Ugandan women believe that beatings are justified. I repeated that statistic on purpose. These reduction programs can zone in on these types of common beliefs among men and women. This will not only help empower women, but to strengthen the community as well.

77 percent of Ugandan women belive that beatings are justified

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