International Women’s Day in Ugandan Clinic Honors Mamas


The annual March 8th celebration of International Women’s Day honors the achievement of women all over the world. As an organization dedicated to ending violence against across cultures and communities, OneMama renews our commitment to concrete action, discussion, and always focusing on solutions to mediate the incredible disparities between men and women. The OneMama Village in Uganda, is holding a special celebration in the achievements of women in their community at the OneMama Clinic.

In a patriarchal society in which women are oftentimes only valued in terms of their utility to their male counterparts, this event marks a stepping stone to progress–hopefully one of many more to come.

Since we first began work in this rural Ugandan village, we have observed many incremental changes such as this, which speak to a larger shifting cultural paradigm towards equality for both men and women.

By providing resources for women to harness empowerment in solidarity with other women we are seeing mothers who raise their daughters to be the leaders of tomorrow. Since beginning seminars in which we educate men on the ramifications of their biases and perception of women, we have observed less domestic violence in the community.

At OneMama this date of March 8th is an annual reminder to honor how far we have come as an organization, and how far we have to go. However, it’s also a reminder of the incredible community of motivated individuals we represent–ready to continue taking on the challenge.


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