Jasmine Edwards on ShaBoom: I love it


I have been working with Siobhan and ShaBoom Products for a few years now…I love it! Being a makeup artist, it is important to have quality products in your kit. However, ShaBoom Products is not only high-quality, but it is also helping to save lives! I feel like I’m using my craft for the greater good; not only making men and women feel beautiful, but also helping men and women in the OneMama.org community!


Siobhan Neilland, founder of OneMama and ShaBoom, has an energy and world vision that is contagious. I love being a part of something that’s greater to help the world! It has been such an honor to work with such an amazing cosmetic line whose proceeds touch those in need–even half a world away. This past February, I had an opportunity of a lifetime to participate in New York Fashion week as Beauty Director. I get to make people look and feel gorgeous… while using makeup products that are really creating global change. 


We used the full ShaBoom Products line for every designer featured in the show, as well as our celebrity guest host, Corey Wade from America’s Next Top Model. They not only loved the products, but also the bigger vision of change each product can create. A lip-gloss, for instance, saves the lives of a mama and a baby. I definitely plan on making future contributions to OneMama.org through my beauty skills and expertise. From working with OneMama and ShaBoom Products, I am reminded that we can all contribute in our own small ways to fight for the joy of others!


iCu Beauty is a Networking Club in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco that connects makeup artists and hairstylists, while providing professional hair and makeup services, advance artistry development for the beauty industry. Providing education, certifications and consultations, iCu beauty provides a wide range for your beauty needs.


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