Joseph Lule is Forever Remembered for OneMama


We recently mourn the loss of yet another amazing soul in Uganda. His life most likely taken too soon by Covid-19 at the Health Center in Uganda.

Joseph Lule was a OneMama Community Advisory Leader in our local community. He was the first person I met in the village of Kirindi Uganda and probably did more then most members of the community to make sure that Kirindi got access to vaccines and resources. He introduced me to Mama Jamira in hopes that I could find a way to assist her. And low and behold, the vision of the clinic was born out of that introduction!

I am just so sad for his family and this community. This is a HUGE loss that words cant convey. He was also just a lovely man and my friend since 2006.

I really have no words again for another tragic loss. I am sad to say that there most likely will be more coming for our district since we cant get the resources we need to test for Covid-19 much less treat with any vaccine in our area in our OneMama Health Center.

Please send a prayer to all the Angels like Joseph who made such a difference in so many lives.

Thanks Joseph for being my friend and being such an inspiration to myself and a whole community! Sending so many prayers of love, light to him in his transition and to his family and community.

We love you and are grateful you showed us so much JOY!

With all my soul and love,
Siobhan Nakiganda “OneMama” Neilland


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