Be Our Hero: Save the OneMama Health Clinic

Be a REAL HERO - Save OneMama

Your Small Amount of Generosity Can Literally Save OneMama During These Hard Economic Times

OneMama Clinic Kirindi Uganda Africa

OneMama needs to raise $150,000 – $250,000 IMMEDIATELY in order to keep our clinic doors open.

Frankly, we are at the end or our road with funding options. If OneMama don’t get the financial support needed NOW, we will have to begin the process of shutting down the OneMama Health Center in a village that has no other means to these live-saving services.

OneMama is asking YOU…
Can you consider our small grassroots non-profit health center as one of your organizations that you support with your philanthropic efforts this year?

OR! Possibly you may know a large private donor that would be willing to fund our clinic? If you have any referrals, please send an email introduction to Siobhan Neilland directly at [email protected].

If OneMama doesn’t raise the money in the next month, we will begin to find a funding organization that can hopefully take over the operations of our OneMama 501(c)3 organization. This is all because we simply cannot afford our own funding at this time and all of our programs will have to be shut down due to the global pandemic.

Personal Letter from OneMama CEO/Founder, Siobhan Neilland:

This is a hard blog post for me to write. My heart is so heavy as I write this.

OneMama was birthed out of the loss of my baby and the community and it’s leaders are family to me — and so many of YOU! While I am proud of the work we have done and the creative solutions we came up with to fund the clinic these 13 years, we are no where near the funding that is needed with this new world economy. I feel I may need to step aside or bring in someone who has larger funding resources to take this clinic and any future health centers where they need to go to be successful.

All these years, I have chosen to not take a salary so 100% of proceeds and donations go directly to funding and to keep the clinic open and running for the vulnerable areas of remote Uganda. I work full time to support myself with my own consulting company as a staffing consultant for diversity leadership in technology. This way, all money goes to the health center staff and medical supplies. This has also become unsustainable trying to manage several organizations simultaneously without proper funding for support staff needed to scale our operations and keep up with the growing needs we face.

Please, if you are not fully familiar with us, please visit our website for more info at or read below.

More About OneMama

OneMama supplies birthing kits and medical supplies, builds medical clinics, and creates a marketplace for women and their families to sell their crafts or crops. We do our work in places where people live on less than $1 per day. One birthing kit prevents mother-to-child HIV transmission and supports a woman giving birth with medicines and supplies administered by a Traditional Midwife, there to help.

OneMama’s goal is to build 250 clinics around the world that will build and support health and birthing clinics in places that do not have access to health services. We support local Traditional Midwives to deliver culturally appropriate care that is augmented by the best medical tests, treatments, and interventions available.

The OneMama Model

OneMama has developed a unique model for services that can be replicated in the hardest-to-reach communities around the world. Because we honor traditional forms of health care by supporting Traditional Midwives, we gain entry into communities that would not typically trust Western medical techniques. We are able to bring in medical interventions that work to save mothers and infant’s lives, protecting women through childbirth, reducing pain and the birth injuries, prevent HIV transmission from mother to baby, support malaria testing and treatment and providing health education and services to the entire family. Our healthcare services work in conjunction with our economic development programs, which supply families with goods needed to create crafts or crops to sell on our international and local marketplaces — so that eventually clinic members can support their own local, rural clinics. We have created a sustainable model for health care that can be replicated and become sustainable within 5-10 years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank YOU again for ALL the work you do and have done all these years for OneMama. I am so incredibly grateful to know there are humans like YOU making big changes in this wild world.

It inspires me daily to know it can be done.

Siobhan “OneMama” Neilland
CEO-Founder of and “Fighting for Your Joy” | [email protected]

JOY=SUCCESS — Start Fighting for your JOY and the JOY of others!

“We are all OneMama Living on this One Mother Earth!…”
“We all want to feel like we are loved and we matter in this world”


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