Life-Saving Clothing, Makeup, and Accessories Coming Soon to diPietro Todd


Coming Soon…

ShaBoom Products and the OneMama Collection will soon be featured in one of the Bay Area’s most prestigious salons. We are proud to announce diPietro Todd Salon in Mill Valley, California will begin carrying two life-saving product lines that support’s maternal health programs in Uganda.

The salon was first acquainted with San Francisco-based nonprofit through founder, Siobhan Neilland, who has been a longtime customer. Siobhan refers to Amita Omitka, diPietro Todd Partner, as “The Hair Whisperer.” Over the years the staff at diPietro Todd have been nothing but supportive of and its mission to provide opportunities for women all over the world. supports a birthing clinic, medical clinic, and community center in rural communities in which people survive on less than $1.25 a day. Our vision is that baby is born into this world safely, knowing they are loved and matter.

Siobhan in our OneMama Teardrop Dress and Action Hero Necklace while touching up with some ShaBoom!
Siobhan in our OneMama Teardrop Dress and Action Hero Necklace while touching up with ShaBoom. Coming soon to diPietro Todd!

Unlike other organizations, has taken a creative, entrepreneurial approach to funding their initiatives. Siobhan created The OneMama Collection of clothing and accessories, handmade by women in the village, which donates 100% of its proceeds to programs on-the-ground in Uganda. To fund stateside operations, Siobhan founded all-natural mineral makeup and skincare line, ShaBoom Products, which donates 15-20% of proceeds to The purpose of both these collections is to make people look and feel great, both inside and out; knowing they are utilizing their purchasing power to create global, social change. “We are very excited about the opportunity to join forces with ShaBoom Products and,” said Amita Omitka, “being able to contribute to the empowerment of women by making them feel their best is what we strive to do and are looking forward to working together in doing!”

diPietro Todd will carry a curated selection of OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Products items on a rotating, monthly basis beginning Fall 2016.


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