Elephant Journal Publishes Siobhan Neilland’s Poem “Let’s Not be Careless with Our Hearts”


Let’s Avoid Being Careless with Our Hearts

A poem I wrote, “Let’s Not be Careless with Our Hearts,” was recently published on Elephant Journal after being shared on our the Fighting For Your JOY blog. I wrote this poem years ago, and re-discovered it while going through a particularly difficult time last month. My own words resonated with me–maybe even more than ever–and are still helping me heal.

The world that surrounds us in this moment feels chaotic, jumbled, misinformed, and, in many ways, careless. We must remember to take the time, effort, and love to not be careless with other people’s hearts, or our own hearts. I share these reflections and more in the following video.

I would like to thank Elephant Journal for sharing my poem on their platform. I hope my heartfelt words will reach someone who really needs to hear them. Initially, I was nervous about publishing something so personal, but I’ve realized that stepping up and being vulnerable is one of my biggest strengths. Since sharing this poem, I’ve received an outpouring of support from individuals and organizations inspired by its message. I am so thankful for my incredible, world family of Action Heroes for always cheering me on!

Sending you love and light wherever you are in the world,

Siobhan Neilland

Read the Elephant Journal article HERE.


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