Mama’s Cookies – Heartwarming, Delicious, & Dedicated to Social Change


Mama’s Cookies Makes Health a Priority in Communities from the Bay Area to Uganda.

The message of nonprofit,, is simple: ensure every mama and baby on this earth knows they are loved and they matter.

We were recently acquainted with Mama’s Cookies, a socially conscious brand deeply dedicated to this same mission. Mama’s Cookies was born in Colleen Yerge’s San Francisco kitchen. With years working as a doula (traditional birthing attendant) and in postpartum maternal health, Colleen initially created her cookies as a nutrient-packed treat for the new mamas. The delicious and nutritious product quickly gained momentum across the Bay Area among athletes, healthy families, and individuals with gluten or sugar sensitivity—including founder, Siobhan Neilland.

OneMama and Mama's Cookies Team Up to Save Lives

Colleen’s commitment to healthy living in communities began long before she founded Mama’s Cookies. In addition to her work as a doula, Colleen dedicated her time to maternal health and domestic violence education in orphanages, schools, and homes of students in Uganda. She witnessed firsthand the joy of life and love amidst deplorable conditions—sparking a commitment to maternal health in Uganda that would sculpt Mama’s Cookies’ mission all these years later.

Carrying the memories of the mamas and babies she worked with, Colleen approached founder and friend, Siobhan, to ensure that even from afar, Mama’s Cookies gives back to the Ugandan communities in which Colleen once served.

“I loved the cookies before I even knew they were my friend’s brand. So when she asked if she could donate a percentage of the cookies’ proceeds to, I was beyond excited,” recalls Siobhan.

Now, every Mama’s Cookies package has OneMama’s sticker, reminding customers that a percentage of their purchase ensures traditional midwives are equipped with the tools they need to deliver babies safely in Uganda.

Mamas Cookies and OneMama Partnership

With the modern drive of businesses to solely seek profit over social responsibility, we are always humbled to come across brands that seek to do both—with the understanding that one amplifies the other.

Mama’s Cookies’ commitment to an altruistic product that saves the lives of mamas and babies through, illustrates the power of that message and the power of our purchases.

Find the nearest vendor location to you and even have these treats delivered to you! Visit the Mama’s Cookies website for more information.


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