Real Update: Taking Time to be Grateful

OneMama Siobhan Neilland Shows Thanks

On this day of gratitude, Thanksgiving, I am being thankful! With the state of affairs in the world, I’ve found it can be hard to be grateful–especially with fear clenching my work, my career, my friends, and the country I come from. But I have to remind myself to step back… To step back and look at all the things there are to appreciate in my life…

I’m grateful I was raised in a country with faults at its core, but with a constitution that preserves civil liberties for all.

I am also grateful for communities that have taught me how to love and fight for love with my heart and my actions.

I’m grateful I have compassion for those living in pain and fear.

And I’m grateful I can take these gifts and life lessons and spread joy to others by teaching them to handle their fear differently.

With my baby,, I am grateful for all the changes we’ve made and how my world family has taught me that if we show up and hold each other’s hands we can make ripples of positive change.

I’m grateful for Mama Earth continuing to spin and let me swim in her oceans.

I am also grateful to all of you who have walked this path with me and held hands with me.

Most of all… I am beyond grateful that together we can fight for our own joy and the joy of others–stepping as one to create a better tomorrow each day.


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