Siobhan’s Uganda 2018 Trip Update!

Siobhan's Uganda Update

It’s that time of year again!

I’m headed to the project site in rural Uganda, bringing medical supplies (including malaria & measles medicines), technology, and other resources!

Siobhan's Uganda Update

Yes! We are starting our new OneMama Computer Information Resource Lab!

OneMama community will finally be able to teach the families technology by giving them access to computer training. We will also will be repairing the medical buildings and adding additional medical rooms as we will be building out an addition to our Community Center facilities, updated the OneMama Clinic, and expanded our Economic Sustainability programs. Additionally, our Uganda-based OneMama team developed partnerships with other organizations in our region, maximizing the reach of our programs.

Another focus of this year’s OneMama trip will be the evaluation of opening up a new clinic in Tanzania with OneMama’s unique franchise model.
We are excited that we are expanding!!!

Please consider getting involved with and contributing to our annual Uganda trip. The OneMama community desperately needs assistance RIGHT NOW to keep these programs running.

Siobhan's Uganda Update

Ways you can support and get involved with OneMama:

· Donate a birthing kit, which equip traditional midwives with sanitary supplies.

· Shop ShaBoom Beauty, the all-natural makeup and skincare line that donates a portion of proceeds to!

· Shop’s The OneMama Collection, which donates 100% of proceeds to programs.

· Work or partner with us, please email [email protected].



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