Celebrating Another Day to Fight for Joy, Blessings, and Miracles


A Birthday Q & A with OneMama founder and leading lady, Siobhan Neilland

The birthday gal and I sat down for a casual chat to talk about her birthday this year and how she had three important things in mind: Staying grateful, being surrounded by those she loves, and giving back.

Q: How are you going to celebrate this year?

Siobhan: I am going have a special day that I take extra care of myself – with pampering, geting my hair and nails done and having quality time with my partner, friends, and Mama Ocean. I cleansed everything in my life recently so I can be more present and grateful for everything I have.

Last year during this time was hard; the country had just elected a president that went against everything I believe in. It triggered my fear but it was also a great opportunity to learn how to not let political injustices dampen my spirit… or lessen my resolve to give women a voice! It is not an accident that the Me Too campaign has evolved a year later. I am taking all that energy on my birthday and really focusing on what matters and move forward in a very intentional way. And let’s face it – being one year older, I ask myself: How can I be a wiser leader?

Q: What do you want for your birthday?

Siobhan: I want to fund the OneMama clinic. I would love for 100 people to donate $25 a month to keep the clinic going and we can bring back some of our programs. For example, we’ve had to lesson our domestic violence programs recently from every month to every three months because of lack of funding and we are already seeing domestic violence increase again.

For my birthday I would also love for people to tell their loved ones how much they love them and I want people to give me their openhearted connection. I want to embrace and gain really cool friendships this next year. I don’t need stuff. No more stuff for me.

“I really have everything I could ever want – the gift of connection with friends, the gift of giving to others, and the gift of building out more OneMama clinics. I want to continue to create joy for myself and for others… this is what success looks like for me in the future.” – Siobhan Neilland

Q: What do you want to wear on your birthday?

Siobhan: A fabulous OneMama outfit!

Q: Who do you want to be around?

Siobhan: Usually, I throw a big party but I make things so big all the time.. I really want to see my friends but I just realized I am having a hard time keeping up with all of my responsibilities so I am really trying to simplify things. I just want to be around those I love. I want to be around my man. We are going to take the RV he bought for us to the beach and see what friends can come down for a casual gathering.

Happy Birthday, Siobhan! Everyday you fight for the joy of thousands and today we celebrate YOU! May your day be filled with so much love!

Siobhan said in several different ways before our conversation even began what she wanted for her birthday. Celebrate her by giving to OneMama!

Want to make Siobhan’s Birthday wishes come true?  Here are some ways:

  • Commit to donating at least $25 a month and see the OneMama vision expand.
  • Purchase something from our OneMama shop. This is a gift that keeps giving. Buy something for yourself or a loved and all funds go back to the OneMama clinic and the programs that SAVE LIVES! We even helped pick out a couple of our favourite things:

~The OneMama Team


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