Siobhan Neilland made Mogul’s Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion List


The OneMama team is excited to announce that Siobhan Neilland made number nine on Mogul’s Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion list for 2017.


Mogul is the “fasting growing technology platform for women to connect, share information and access knowledge.” Mogul has 165 million views each month and is also UN Women partner.

“Those mentioned have made, and continue to make, enormous strides in hiring a diverse talent, creating welcoming environments and communities for employees and contributing to society in meaningful ways.” – Mogul

Mogul selected Siobhan because of her collective work with and her work building out technology organizations with Amazon (Prime Now) focusing on diversity

Siobhan Neilland founded, a UN Consultative nonprofit that brings maternal care, health and family services, as well as economic sustainability to women and their families in rural African communities where people survive on under $1.25 a day. She is also the lead recruiter for Amazon Prime Now. The Prime Now leadership team started as almost entirely female, and nearly sixty-percent of all Amazon Prime Now’s tech teams are women.

See Top 100 list here :

Siobhan is really excited to utilize her skills for both her tech work as well as giving all women a voice:

“I am so touched to be a part of an amazing list of women who are making a difference in the world and giving a voice to woman on all levels of leadership” – Siobhan said

Siobhan continues to find work life balance as she drives change for woman at and continues to fight for access and empowerment to woman who live under $1.25 a day. The same goes for her Staffing Diversity and Inclusion consulting role at Amazon in the Prime Now team. She currently is moving the needle in hiring woman and giving access and a pathway to leadership roles for woman in technology. She is making an impact with her inclusion and engangement events in both for tune 100’s and the non-profit sectors.

Congratualations, Siobhan!

– The OneMama Team



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