Siobhan Neilland: Moving the Needle for Women in Technology


Siobhan Neilland gives a thoughtful overview into her new role –

Bringing a holistic perspective into the corporate world by focusing on community building, relationship building, and lifting each other up. Qualities, that she believes, many tech companies are overlooking.

On the heels of being honoured as number 9 on Mogul’s Top 100 Innovators and Inclusion list, we talked to Siobhan about the new roles she is paving for herself to create opportunities for women around the world.

“I have found in my own corporate work we have created really cool ways of approaching authentic engagement and we are seeing big results. It has brought in more hires and has given more women a voice not only in the tech world but it is also creating social change, globally. We are changing the dialogue.” Siobhan said.

Giving Women a Voice

Siobhan’s messages has been brewing for some time and results were seen this past month at a Women in Tech event she hosted.

At the event, Siobhan interviewed women about the risk they took to get their voice heard at the table. Through-out the interview series it was clear that authentic story was at the heart of it all. Siobhan reflects on this idea from years of seeing the power of community and story at the United Nations and her own technology forums:

“It constantly brings me back to what’s important – our story. Its not about how smart we are, or how much money we have or how successful we are… its about our heart and how we are connected to our authentic story. This is especially important when you are looking for a job, or hiring, or working with a co-worker. We have to be true to our authentic self no matter what we do.” Siobhan shared.

She was not alone in this – 144 women attended the Women in Tech event and here are some of the things they had to say:

Thank you for inviting me and for coordinating such a wonderful event for non tech and tech women who are juggling and multitasking careers, family and volunteer, and passions. All the speakers had a unique story to share and please convey my thanks to them for sharing their personal life with all of us. It resonated so much with my life and career, where we women mostly put others before our need.  Felt good to hear that it is OK to put one’s own needs in balance. Would love to stay connected with you for the women group and the variety of Amazon career paths” -A

I was really impressed with the panel and loved the keynote!.- K

It was incredible to hear the stories of so many women at Amazon who are making a positive impact in their respective areas.  I really enjoyed having an opportunity to network with women from a variety of industries and sectors and am so pleased to see the community that is being forged in Orange County I look forward to staying connected. –A

Gratitude and Wisdom

“I am always looking into ways that I can use my work to benefit the female voice in technology. I want to create more of these kinds of events to build a large community that is based around empowering each other and partnering with women leaders in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). I am grateful that the universe is letting be apart of meeting such smart and amazing women and I’m looking forward to more events. I love what I do.” Siobhan said.

Siobhan Neilland is moving the needle for women. We’ve seen evidence of this through founding – a non-profit that brings maternal care, localized health and family services, as well as economic sustainability to women and their families in rural communities where people survive on under $1.25 a day. We’ve seen results from her time at the United Nations each year and we’re already seeing the result from her work for women in tech. Over a decade of recruiting experience has given Siobhan a unique perspective and this perspective needs to be heard.

Visit to learn more about Siobhan’s work.


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