Spreading the Love with Earth Mama Magic Interview Series


Powerful women.

Spreading love and light.

Changing the world.

Three things Siobhan Neilland is all about.

The Perfect Collaboration

Earth Mama Magic is a video interview series hosted by Alexis Cohen that is about giving women a voice and making a change in the world with their voice and with their actions. A message close to Siobhan’s heart.

Learn more here: http://www.alexiscohen.org/events/#Siobhan

Who is Alexis Cohen? A Magic Mama to her core:

“I truly feel that we are part of a creative movement- women are being called to access their creative feminine power, to heal ourselves as creative vessels and transform the world. What you do is an important part of this rising tide of love, healing and transformation and I hope your work will reach and continue to reach more and more people.” -Alexis Cohen

This is about all the work we do on this OneMama Earth and we are honoured to be a part of it…


(We love how the stars have aligned – can you believe that Alexis and Siobhan used to live in the same neighbourhood? Now, they join forces for an interview that sheds light on how Siobhan continues to create magic in this beautiful world.)

“When women come together we create magic…” – Alexis

If you are being called to align with your Creative Purpose and make a positive impact on the world then I’d like to invite you to Earth Mama Magic: Unleash Your feminine Power, Birth Your Creative Vision and Transform the World! This is a complimentary online video series my friend Alexis Cohen is hosting, beginning December 4th, 2017.

She’s brought together over 25 artists, healers, and advocates (all of them women!), to share the wisdom and magic of sourcing our creative energy from feminine power, sync with our natural rhythms, cycles, intuition and love so we can birth our dreams into the world.

You can reserve your spot here for no cost:

Unleash your Feminine Power and Heal the World<< Sign Up Here



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