OneMama Granted United Nations DPI Consultative Status

OneMama Granted United Nations DPI Consultative Status

WE DID IT! We’re official! OneMama is growing up!!

OneMama was just granted Consultative Status with the United Nations DPI/NGO Association Committee.
and we are over the moon!!!

OneMama is now officially a NGO Representative to the United Nations Department of Public Information. We shared about our journey to begin this process a while back – about how by gaining Consultative Status as an NGO it will get us to the policy table and help us fight for real action in a whole new way for those of us on the ground and the trenches of change.

We’ve loved sharing as a delegate voice for our NGO at the Commission the Status of Women for the past few years, and we are thrilled to now take it a step forward and be among the people who make the official policy changes. How exciting!

Too few people that are on the ground in Africa are also at the policy table – OneMama can and will be both!

OneMama at the UN in New York City

This has been a team effort all around to get this far. One our team member shared this message when hearing the news:

“This is so amazing! Tears! So so wonderful. I just got done re-reading the consultative status letter for the seventh time because every time I read it, I cry. It’s just so exciting. I just wanted to say again how proud I am… LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED… LOOK WHAT WE HAVE CREATED!”

OneMama at the United Nations New York 2017

So here’s the deal – out of 3,000 UN NGO’s we have consultative status for DPI, which is also know as Department of Public Information. This is an organization in the UN that deals with global issues and advocacy. It does not stop there… now we get to bring our own representatives under the OneMama name – expanding our influence even further and our global OneMama family.

We know this new season for OneMama is necessary. We need to be at the policy table, plain and simple!

This is our way of giving OneMama villages a greater voice!

OneMama Gets Consultative Status



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