OneMama Village Celebrating International Women’s Day with Local Gathering


March 8,2018 – International Women’s Day 

For the first time thirty women from the OneMama village in Uganda gathered together with a larger group of women within the local government to celebrate the empowerment of women. They joined  together with the community and the globe to honor the achievement of women all over the world.

The goal for this gathering was to celebrate the empowerment of women and to share ideas on ways they can support each other moving forward. This gathering was a chance to sing, dance, and share their stories about how they are creating change in their families and in their communities, so all women and girls have the chance to thrive.

“The OneMama women are excited. They’ve never eally branched out to other communities. What a great moment to start… by joining with other women to support and empower each other!”

– Siobhan Neilland, CEO and founder. takes this day to recognise all the women that have come before us and be reminded of the goals we are still working towards for the bettering of the lives of women around the globe.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”— Unknown. 


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