OneMama’s Voice At CSW62 for the Empowerment of Rural Women and Women in Tech


The fight for lasting change continues!

OneMama is headed back to New York City for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) at the United Nations headquarters THIS MARCH 12-23rd!

What is CSW?

 CSW is the Commission on the Status of Women, an event in which thousands of activists from civil society organizations around the world come to the United Nations headquarters in New York. This is the global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.


at a parallel forum to discuss the empowerment of rural women and women in technology.

For the past few years Siobhan Neilland, CEO and founder of, has taken first hand the needs of our village in Uganda to the global stage. We are thrilled to have this opportunity once again, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Each year before attending the CSW, Siobhan asks the village what their needs are and how they want the world to respond. This year will be no different – the United Nations will hear’s voice!

Every time we have the chance to speak on such serious issues affecting women around the globe, and specifically in rural Uganda, we are reminded how important it is to not just talk about solutions but actually change policy. Each year through this event, we gain more clarity on how to make this happen. No longer can we survive on just words, we working for action. We are working for REAL policy changes.

Siobhan shared how several women from the village community asked recently, “How is the United Nations acting on the information we are giving them? Why are they not coming to help us?” Siobhan speaks of how brought a tear to her eye, she said, “All I could do in response was say that I am doing the best I can so your voice can be heard. I am working harder then even to make and change policy so not only a few of us can be taking action but so we can get the greater world and the United Nations to take action too.”

Siobhan continues, “Sometimes when talking about changing policy we can become very robotic but when we hear questions like this we have to remember: These people are living with no running water, living with no land rights, they don’t even have access to most of their basic needs and rights. As we try to do our best at the OneMama clinic we are only just scratching the surface in Uganda. I am feeling more passionate then ever to find new partners at the United Nations this year to create real change based on what the village needs.”

Join us this month as we head back to New York City and spread the OneMama love and message. Follow us on all of our social media sites to keep up to date with our work at the CSW62 and share with friends the message of! We are in this fight for change together!

Our OneMama event, Global Funding Solutions From Social Entrepreneurs, will be held March 16th at 2:30 EST/ 11:30 West Coast

If you can’t make it in person sign up for our CSW62 Livestream Webcast HERE.

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    Amazing, amazing, amazing. Keep fighting the good fight, Siobhan!

    • Siobhan

      Thanks so much for cheering us on!

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