OneMama’s Journey Towards Sculpting Policy at the United Nations

OneMama Gets Consultative Status

OneMama Opening Doors to Advocate for Women in a Whole New Way!

Siobhan Neilland, founder, along with a couple handfuls of volunteers, traveled to New York City in March. They gathered for the third year in a row to present at the United Nations as a delegate at the Commission on the Status of Women CSW61.

This two-week event came with challenges, beginning with a snowstorm that shut down the city the day before the event, but it also came with time to nurture partnerships and make new ones. Along with sharing about our village and leading a panel that discussed Global Funding Solutions, the team also embarked on a new way to make change!

OneMama is thrilled to share that we have begun the process of applying for Consultative Status!
With this we can better advocate for the women of our village and support voices around the world in a whole new way.

Consultative Status will get us to the policy table and help us fight for real action. We met influential people while at the UN who will be partnering and advocating for us to make this process towards consultative status as smooth as possible.

OneMama representing at United Nations

In case you don’t know, the Commission on the Status of Women allows for NGO representatives, international delegates, and nation states to share their opinions and sculpt policy at the United Nations. We’ve loved sharing as a delegate voice for our NGO for the past few years, but we are ready to make that jump, to not only talk about what we do and how we succeed as a NGO, but also be among the people who make the official policy changes. How cool is this?!

When we talk about advocating for women in a whole new way this is what we believe will make those things happen.

We are looking forward to our new partnerships and the things that will birth over the next year, but we also celebrate all that happened while at the CSW61.

Thank you for supporting and cheering us on as we face each new stage in this process!



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