Reality check: The OneMama Clinic is in danger of closing its doors for good


The OneMama Clinic is in desperate need of reoccurring donations!

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Since the political change in November 2016, that flow of donations have stalled as more people pull their donations and put their money towards local resources to change the political narrative. We support the causes that our followers find important, but that does not change the fact that funds are not coming in for OneMama like they used to.

We fund ourselves without any grants and we are constantly trying to find creative ways to fund ourselves. When most charities get grants or rely 100% on donations…we create programs with the goal that they will come back and allow us to help fund ourselves. Since November, we have seen not only a drop in OneMama donations but also many of the NGO’s and charities that we partner with have also lost funding, some have sadly had to end their important work all together.

Let’s talk goals

Before the political shift, we were extremely close to hitting our 10 to 12 year mark to be self-sustaining as a NGO. We were there; the OneMama collection was selling, as was ShaBoom products. The US based operations and Uganda based programs were thriving. We’ve been working tirelessly to build out new ways to drive revenue in Uganda. In 2017, we built out 10 new programs. The thing is though, all of these programs need about a 1.5 years to bring money back in… and because donations have been slow we’ve not been able to pour into theses programs to see them get to a point of revenue.

We have more programs that we believe in waiting to come to life – investment in buying rabbits, supplies to build out more crops programs, new vision for the goods we sell, to name a few. Our goal was to have these ten new programs profitable by the start of 2019. If donations pick up we still believe we can meet this goal by the end of 2019.

In July 2018, Siobhan Neilland will be returning to Uganda and the harsh reality is this: we will be adding new programs to try and keep our goal of self-sustainability by 2020 or we will be closing the clinic down. That is how bad it is this time. With the help of our faithful supporters and the announcement of the Social Giving Platform and Donation Pick Up we are hoping this will not be OneMama’s reality come July.

“In all of the years I’ve been doing this, it’s always been a challenge, but I’ve never thought it would get so bad I would have to close the clinic.” – OneMama founder and CEO Siobhan Neilland

In the nine years OneMama has had it’s door open to the people of rural Uganda, we have helped thousands of families through our programs and health clinic; we’ve brought babies safely into the world with our maternal health clinic; we’ve seen women become empowered by the making of their own income, and we’ve given a voice to the voiceless on global stages like the United Nations. We’ve changed countless lives but the work is not finished yet.

Donations are slowly trickling in and this is giving us hope. We know you are out there. We know you care. We know you have the power to make a change. When you purchase something from or donate, its not just in the moment that you are investing in, you are investing in the long haul – the future of OneMama. OneMama has more work to do, will you join us?

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